Monday, November 12, 2007

sweet home

lately i have found myself missing home... kind of an all-encompassing term at the moment for me so i suppose i should narrow it down... after all, chris is my home... i have a house that i live in... my parents welcome me home after my time away... but the home i've been missing is my home in alabama - sweet home alabama you might say... i managed to take a few minutes during our busy trip home this summer to take in photographically a few of my favorite things about my grandmother's house in hartselle, alabama - the home that i lovingly refer to... and though these are all precious it truly is the relationships that are home to me

i'm savoring the taste and smell of my grandmother's spaghetti - another of my favorites!


Monday, October 15, 2007

time for more

time flies when you are having fun!! life has been a bit crazy with the transition back to life in lynchburg and trying to get life in order... a couple of weeks ago we went to rob and lindsay grove's wedding in ocean city, maryland - what an honor to be part of such a wonderful occasion! lindsay is one of my best and most wonderful friends and i was delighted to not only be one of her bridesmaids but i also got to take engagement photos AND i also took a few during the wedding festivities!! here is a peek at a select few...

a little bit of fun with photo editing...

great picture by chris marvel

so happy for the newlyweds!! more to come on this end -


Friday, September 7, 2007

first steps

well here it is! my first place to post pictures in a bit more of an "artistic" setting... i am attempting to do photography on a bit more of a part time to full time basis... and getting that started means posting my work so we'll see how this goes!