Tuesday, July 28, 2009

where the wild things are

this book was one of my favorites growing up... i am not sure what i enjoyed more - the story itself, the artwork, or the encouragement to my imagination. soon, we will be able to enjoy a cinematic production of this beloved book... i hope it lives up to the standard set by maurice sendak

in celebration of the upcoming movie, a blog was created called terrible yellow eyes. it has become a fantasic, growing collection of submissions by various artists of their own interpretations of 'where the wild things are'. i wish i had time to work on a piece of my own... one can dream right?

happy viewing!


Monday, July 20, 2009

wickline wedding

back in june i photographed a wedding with adam barnes in crozet, virginia.

we had a great time with matt, jenny, and their families and friends... held at the gorgeous king family vineyards, here are a few of my favorite images from that day...

the adorable flower girl with the wickline's dog, winston

first dance...

and the flower girl and the rest of the bridal party danced well into the night...

congratulations mr. & mrs. wickline!


kevin & tori - more wedding photos!

want to see more of the fantastic fritz's?
yes, the alliteration was intentional... corny and intentional...
anyway, i posted a few extra photos on my flickr account... and keep an eye on my picasa gallery for the entire public selection of these two

.:grace and peace:.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kevin & tori - wedding day at last!

at last for so many reasons... mainly because it has taken me so long to edit and post...

i have been processing and mulling over this blog post for weeks now... yes, even before the wedding i knew there would be a day when i would be posting these photos and including some sort of verbiage to describe the day and i am not sure that i am able

the weekend certainly was a flurry of wedding activity and emotion. it was a joy to reunite with friends who were part of the ceremony as members of the bridal party and guests of the couple. chris, jamie, and i took pleasure from interacting and getting to know the families of kevin and tori. mostly, it was an honor to be able to serve kevin, tori, their famlies, and their guests on this sacred day before God.

here are some of my favorite film moments from their wedding day

kevin, you have displayed your character and exquisite taste in the pursuit of tori... i know that you will take the very best care of her that your ability will allow and that her heart is in protective and careful hands

tori, you are absolutely gorgeous as it is - inside and out - and you were absolutely stunning on your wedding day... you are radiant my dear. i look forward to watching God mold the two of you together all the more intricately in the coming months and years - i treasure your perspective and our friendship and look forward to comparing 'wifely' notes with you

chris and i have grown to love you both so much we could burst! thank you for letting us share this time with you - we look forward to many more meals and times of sharing together... i wish you two all the best as you learn and explore your new roles as husband and wife

and lastly, a big thank you to chris and jamie for sharing the responsibility of capturing this moment in the lives of kevin and tori - i had a blast working with both of you and appreciate you sharing your abilities with me!

.:grace and peace dear friends:.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

rifle design

i have been keeping this fantastic artist to myself for some time now and i am noticing that more and more of my daily blog reads are discovering her too - so it is time to keep her a secret no longer and present to you the art of anna bond...

i first discovered anna's work back in college when we both attended the great university that is liberty... and then last year prior to our wedding i saw anna's handiwork for her own wedding and i can tell you that had she started rifle events one year earlier, i would not have thought a second before commissioning her to design our invitation suite etc...

my personal favorite is her own personal wedding invitation:

her blog is one of my daily reads and her regular and consistent postings mostly related to inspirations are what i aspire to for this blog... i could go on and on but i'll let her work do the rest of the talking... ladies and gentlemen, anna bond.

.:grace and peace:.