Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new learning experience

one of the most exciting items that has been bestowed on my life plate recently has been the opportunity to shadow and learn from the wedding photographer who blessed our own wedding day, adam barnes. i am extremely excited and humbled by this chance to learn more - and from photographers who produce stunning art work. i have already been able to follow adam and kristen salvia on two wedding excursions and will be heading on a third this coming weekend.

before the last wedding, chris and i took the jump and purchased our first digital SLR camera: a wonderful canon 5d - the actual camera that adam used to photograph our wedding! i am busy reading the manual and have had many opportunities in the last few weeks to begin the hands-on learning process. i will be posting pictures as i have the time and ability. in the meantime, please enjoy some of our wedding photos that adam took back in october - the man does great work so if you are looking for a fine art photographer for your wedding, you should check out his website.

grace and peace friends

Thursday, April 2, 2009

way too long...

well it has again been way too long since i posted... and i have actually had quite a lot that is post-worthy!!

let's see... first update:i have been blessed with the opportunity to put my photography on display and it has been extremely exciting. my first 'gallery' of sorts consisted of 6 photos that i have taken over the past year (or year at that point which was in september)... the consistent thread was that the pictures were of people in my life captured candidly just 'doing their thing'...

so i matted and framed them all uniformly and sent them down to lynchburg after our wedding to be displayed in the Muse coffee company (formerly the a&c daily grind where chris and i were both employed in 2007) in wyndhurst. when we returned from our honeymoon, i spoke with the owner and he said that since the photos had provoked interest, we should put a price tag on all of them. once i figured out my costs, we set the price at $40.00 and just a week or so later, i got a call informing me that i had sold two of my photos! chris says that means that i am a 'real' photographer now haha.... anyway - thought you might enjoy a look at the display!

and a blurry picture of the labels chris and i typed up on a friend's old typewriter...

more updating at a later time... grace and peace.