Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kevin & tori: wedding preface

there are many words... and even more pictures... to share from this weekend
while i get some semblance of order, here is a taste

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

kevin & tori: engagement

i cannot say enough about kevin and tori... perhaps it is because i have known tori for almost six years and treasure our friendship, i am totally and unashamedly biased. i am not going to go any futher because i fully intend on gushing in the wedding photo post (get your tissues ready!).

chris and i feel very blessed by the opportunity to photograph their wedding this coming saturday. we took their engagement photos less than a month ago in lexington, virginia. tori and kevin were both fun to photograph and extremely photogenic - i just kept saying "y'all are so attractive!" and i mean it! i am looking forward to working on my adobe editing skills and seeing what i can do with some of these photos... in the meantime, here is a sampling... or you can view the full gallery.

i am looking forward to saturday! God's most bountiful blessings on your marriage.

grace and peace to you my dear friends,


new toys!

a couple of days ago we got a package in the mail... my first b&h photo order!

i am pretty excited about my new flash and camera bag! now my camera bag can no longer be referred to as my "little camera bag" (although it still is not big by any means!) and i can take photographs in dark rooms that do not make people look orange (well in theory anyway)!

pretty exciting!