Tuesday, June 15, 2010

back on polyvore...

so it seems that with the level of productivity currently required of me on the rise... my propensity for distraction is as well...

a couple of months ago i started an online shopping binge in an attempt to find the "perfect dress" to wear to the wedding of my very dear friend... alas, i was not able to find a dress that would in any way simultaneously meet the needs of the occasion as well as our change purse, which was just fine because my sister loaned me one that was simply ideal...  however, i seem to have gotten myself into quite a little ritual of visiting certain sites on a frequent (much more than close to necessary) basis.

in an effort to distract myself and hopefully put an end to the online shopping habit... here are a couple of my favorites and a couple of sets i created on polyvore...

two wheeler and all seasons shirt dresses
from anthropolgie

photogenic and scavenger hunt dresses
from modcloth

i want to wear this set to work...

created on polyvore - click here for item information

this set was created solely so that i could enjoy those tweed shorts! i am in the mood to wander in a faraway city, sit at a corner cafe and sip tea, and take pictures to my heart's content!
created on polyvore - click here for item information

my momma told me the other day that she believes that we like clothing as much as we do because it enables us to create and utilize our artistic drive on a daily basis. therefore, in order to justify indulging this habit just this once... i am not shopping, i am creating!

i really do have a lot to do which will show up on the blog over the next few weeks so i must get to work! 

grace and peace,

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Ansley said...

haha. love, love, love the post.